Welcome to MTBoS.org! Working to support the MTBoS community.

Dont know what I’m talking about? The MTBoS is an acronym for “Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere” – it is a community of math teachers who, well, blog and/or tweet and/or read blogs or tweets. Mostly, it’s a hashtag that any math teacher who blogs and/or tweets is encouraged to use! Find out more at http://mathtwitterblogosphere.weebly.com or just follow the hashtag #mtbos on Twitter.

This website serves no “official” role – there is nothing official about the MTBoS, it is just a bunch of talking folks!

There is a nascent forum here that some people like for communicating in that middle ground between twitter’s speed and blogging’s commitment. Feel free to come chat with us there!

There are also currently two bloggers hosted here:

If you’re interested in a mtbos.org blog of your own, send an e-mail to davidgriswoldhh at mtbos dot org and we can chat.

Finally, we also have a few directories hosted here:

  • The Projects Directory – a directory of MTBoS-designed (and MTBoS-enjoyed) projects, including single-purpose sites, community blogs, and books
  • The MTBoS Directory – a directory of math teachers who blog and tweet. If you already have a blog and/or Twitter account, and teach math, you should add yourself here!
  • The Desmos Bank – a directory for Desmos activities
  • Search engine of over 250 MTBoS blogs. Is your blog missing? Check the list and ask John to add it.

Have a brilliant idea for something else to host  or link here? Please e-mail or use the contact form to make your suggestion. Expect the directories and links to grow!