Welcome to MTBoS.org! Working to support the MTBoS community.

Dont know what I’m talking about? The MTBoS is an acronym for “Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere” – it is a community of math teachers who, well, blog and/or tweet and/or read blogs or tweets. Mostly, it’s a hashtag that any math teacher who blogs and/or tweets is encouraged to use! Find out more at http://mathtwitterblogosphere.weebly.com or just follow the hashtag #mtbos on Twitter.

This website serves no “official” role – there is nothing official about the MTBoS, it is just a bunch of talking folks!

There are also currently two bloggers hosted here:

If you’re interested in a mtbos.org blog of your own, send an e-mail to davidgriswoldhh at mtbos dot org and we can chat.

Finally, we also have a few directories hosted here:

  • The Projects Directory – a directory of MTBoS-designed (and MTBoS-enjoyed) projects, including single-purpose sites, community blogs, and books
  • The MTBoS Directory – a directory of math teachers who blog and tweet. If you already have a blog and/or Twitter account, and teach math, you should add yourself here!
  • The Desmos Bank – a directory for Desmos activities
  • Search engine of over 250 MTBoS blogs. Is your blog missing? Check the list and ask John to add it.

Have a brilliant idea for something else to host  or link here? Please e-mail or use the contact form to make your suggestion. Expect the directories and links to grow!