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Testing out the features



Such an improvement.

This is now pretty much as good as it gets.


Testing subscriptions

Wow, this is definitely a MUCH more powerful editor. And I can use wordpress shortcodes (so if I DO for example make a Wordpress add-on at some point, it will appear here). That's pretty compelling.


I also definitely don't think it's uglier.

All right. I'll spend about an hour seeing if I can import the data from the other board onto this one. If not, well, it's not that many posts yet; I think our few participants would be okay with a copy-and-paste transition, especially since they won't have to re-sign up or anything.

But it looks like the transition was smooth! Nice work with this. Very slick.

I got to learn more about mysql than I already knew, which is always useful. Yeah, I think this one will serve us well - having the full Wordpress editor available will be nice for posting images, etc.

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