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Math Education Content Specialist

The MIT Teaching Systems Lab and Education Arcade are collaborating on a new game-based assessment project. We plan to design, develop, and research short, frequent, playful  assessments that collect data on both students’ content knowledge and broader skill sets such as mathematical practices and problem solving. Our goal is to combine good game design with innovative data analysis methods and learning models, to provide ongoing, actionable feedback to teachers and students themselves. The first phase of the project will focus on topics in middle or high school math, and we are therefore looking for a subject matter expert who is steeped in learning theories and innovative practices for math teaching. This person would guide the rest of the team’s work in the math domain by setting directions, coming to periodic brainstorming meetings, reviewing designs, etc. They will lend background expertise, concrete teaching experience, and design ideas to the brainstorming phase and ensure that the game and assessment designs are true to what is known about effective math learning. We are hoping to find someone who is passionate about math, curious about uses of different technologies and approaches in math learning, familiar with current methods of assessment in math, and who has a deep understanding of the relevant pedagogical content knowledge. The right person believes in playful, student-centered pedagogies, and is interested in the affordances of digital technologies for formative assessment. A background in research and academia is not required, more important is practical, domain-specific expertise in the teaching, learning, and assessment of math skills, and an ability to think creatively about math learning. This is an hourly position that will likely require 2-5 hours/week depending on needs, with potential to increase as the project ramps up. If interested, please send a resume and letter of interest to