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Sources of Practice Problems?

One thing that I'm always looking for is large collections of practice problems. A favorite source of practice problems for geometry used to be the Discovering Geometry website, as they had posted a lot of "extra practice" worksheets free of use. But then I checked back and their site, and they had removed them for the latest edition. (Or, at least, I couldn't find free versions of them.)

Fortunately, the old "Practice Your Skills" worksheets are still available:

This has me nervous, though, and I'm wondering if y'all can help. What are your go-to sources of practice problems for geometry?

PS. Attached is an example of one of the Discovering Geometry worksheets. Not bad, right? (Also, yay! We can post PDFs and other files here.)

Uploaded files:

I also use the Discovering Geometry "Practice Your Skills" a lot. I have also found the CPM Parents' Guide for their geometry course to be another good source of practice problems:


Woah, thanks. That's exactly what I'm looking for, David.

Obviously, we've also got the Kuta.

For some reason I can't get David's link to open so I'm not sure if these are additional resources or just a repeat of his link, but I have used these before:

Related, but not the same! That's weird that you can't get my link to open, but if you go to your link and click the "Parents Guide" link directly above the Extra Practice link on the left navbar, that's what I linked.

Oh, actually I just realized it's not exactly the same thing. The one you linked is the older version of the CPM text. So some of those problems are probably the same and some different.

These CPM resources are awesome. Thank you!

I forgot to add AGMath, whose worksheets are really helpful to me:

I love this site:

I forgot about this one: